Safety & Maintenance

1.The operator must read the User’s Notes carefully so as to achieve comprehensive understanding of the laminating machine’s structure, capability, operating method and safety measures, thus to ensure operator’s safety.

2.Photoelectric switch is installed in front of the upper and lower rollers to stop them when objects are placed between the rollers; to restart the rollers, the power switch on the switchboard must be turned on. Before each operation, please check to ensure the photoelectric switch is functioning. Special tip: the photoelectric switch cannot be used together with the pedal switch.

3.When the laminating machine is running, don’t manually touch its running components to avoid injury.

4.The upper roller of the laminator is for heating purpose and its surface temperature is above 100℃, which might cause injury when making direct physical contact.

5.During operation, the operator shall keep a closed eye on it to ensure the safety. Explosive or combustive substance should be kept away from the machine.

6.Be sure to use power supply and voltage as specified.

7.The laminating machine shall not be cleaned with water, which might cause short circuit or electric shock.

8.All maintenance work shall be conducted when the machine is not connected with power supply. Please turn off the power when finished the work.

9.Please raise the upper roller when finished the work so as to keep it in good shape; keep all organic solution away from the roller; don’t scratch the roller with hard objects. The user is responsible for all consequences resulted from the above acts.

10.To extend the useful life of the roller, please keep it clean by using 80% alcohol, scour or rubber.

Please be noted:

  • (1)The roller can only be cleaned when it is not being heated and its temperature is below 40℃.
  • (2)Cleanse the rollers with the utmost care to avoid physical damage to their surface.
  • (3)Glue or other substance remaining on the lower roller must be cleaned in time to ensure the laminating quality.

11.All functioning components should be checked on a timely basis; use heat proof lubricant to lubricate the axletrees on both sides of the heating roller.

12.Any abnormity during operating must be checked out after the halting operation.

13.All electric wires and the power supply should be checked on a timely basis to avoid power shock.

14.Maintenance and overhaul should be carried out by experienced technicians.