Frequently asked questions

FAQ can help you find answers to common questions, related knowledges for products, shippment, payment and service etc .. There are some questions you are not finding here, please click here to contact us for help!

About payment!

How I can order all the things what I was asking for?

We will offer you the proforma invoice after you confirm the order with us. Then you can pay us by the following three methods:
1. By Bank  T/T   L/C
2. By Paypal
3. By Western Union

Does your price includes all costs for the machine?

Yes, our machine is ready to use. The price includes every necessary parts to operate the machine when it arrives.

About shipment


Wooden case or Carton

What kinds of shipment way?

Normally we delivery the goods by seaway ,but by air is also available

Guide before Purchasing a laminator

What kind of width will you be working with?

Before you pick a laminator you will want to take into consideration about the printers are you are working with now and normally the indoor printers are Roland,Mimaki,Mutoh,HP,Epson,etc sized: 1100/1300/1600mm..
and the outdoor printing machines are normally based on the Konica,Spectra,Seiko,XAAR head sized  2500mm,3200mm,3300mm,5000mm.

What type and media will you be working with?

Laminators come in various types including cold, hot and liquid. Cold and hot laminators are for indoor printed medias with the pigment or water based ink and liquid machines are normally for the outdoor printed medias with the ink of solvent and eco solvent.

Do you want your document to last a long time?

Different types of lamination film will allow your documents to last longer. If the duration of your laminated document is not an issue, a less expensive lamination film can be used. If a document needs to last a long time you may want to use a thicker lamination film, acid-free film .

What will you be laminating?

All of our cold and hot laminators can be used for the roll to roll and board lamination like fabric,vinyl,pvc,wood,etc.  And the liquid machines are mainly for roll to roll fabric printing.

Is space/mobility an issue?

Some laminators are bigger and take up more space.pleas take your space into consideration and choose the most suitable ones

Minimum order quantity?

The minimum order is One set!

Equipment operation

How can you give me a guidance to operate the machine?

we will send you a video to show you how the machine works and also a full introduction about the installation and working methods in a PDF file.

our technologist can help you solve the problems online if necessary.

Laminators knowledge

Why Laminator?

1.  Significantly enhances the color and contrast of pictures.
2.  Protects items from fingerprints, smudges and abrasions..
3.  Protects items like menus which endure lots of handling..
4.  Allows materials to be kept in like-new condition for many years..
5.  Helps preserve colors longer, indoors or outdoors..
6.  Allows items to be handled and shipped without damage..
7.  Allows inexpensive paper items or banners to be used outdoors..
8.  Allows paper items to be used under water and in other unusual conditions..
9.  Increases the strength and rigidity of printed materials..
10. Additional rigidity allows items to stand free or be placed in a frame without backing or reinforcement..
11. Prepares items for immediate presentation under a variety of conditions and display methods.

What is the difference of different type laminators?

Different laminators use lamination film with different core thicknesses and different type laminator have different function! Such as the hot series can heat and suitable for some special media like PP PET and so on and also can laminator normal media, cold series can not heat and suitable for normal media like paper wood and so on, the liquid laminator just use liquid and is suitable for outdoor media's lamination.